About Hub Data Albania

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About https://hub.data.al

Who developed https://hub.data.al?

https://hub.data.al is managed and hosted by Open Data Albania, a project of Albanian Institute of Science.

With what technology is https://hub.data.al built?

https://hub.data.al is powered by open source applications, DATALHUB DATALHUB is build with GRAILS, a GROOVY Framework

Get Data on https://hub.data.al

How are the datasets on https://hub.data.al collected?

Data in the catalog are harvested manually or in cooperation with public entities. In special cases, we allow data from citizens to be uploaded as well. These data should refer to prior public data and provide an intellectual analytical activity.

Public entities looking to get their data on https://hub.data.al should contact us for more information

How can I add my government data to https://hub.data.al?

Contact US

What if I am having difficulty downloading a dataset from the catalog?

Please tell us what the problem with the dataset is so that we can correct it.