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Te dhena mbi praktiken dhe shkencen e kultivimit te tokes, dhe mbjelles se bimeve dhe rritjen e kafsheve.


Te dhena mbi aktivitetin dhe shkembimin tregetar


Statistika dhe te dhena qe lidhen dhe me konsumin dhe konsumatorin.


Te dhena ekologjike si niveli i ndotjes, probleme me importin e plehrave e te ngjashme.


Statistika dhe te dhena mbi arsimin dhe nivelin e arsimimit.


Te dhena mbi energjitiken, prodhimin, humbjet, arketimet etj


Financa, buxhete te qeverise lokale dhe qendrore.


Te dhena mbi gjendjen e shendetesise ne Shqiperi.

Qeveri Lokale

Te dhena te qeverive lokale, buxhete, investime.

Siguria dhe Rendi

Te dhena mbi sigurine dhe rendin ne vendin tone.


Zhvillimi i pergjithshem ekonomik


Studimi i statistikave si lindjet, vdekjet, te ardhurat ose hasjet e semundjeve


Statistika dhe te dhena mbi nivelin e varferis


Te dhena mbi drejtesine dhe sistemin gjyqesor ne Shqiperi


Organizimi tregetar dhe veprimet qe lidhen me pushimet dhe vendet e interesit





Raporte Gjinore

Raportet Gjinore

Qeverisje Lokale

Qeverisje Lokale

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Demi Ekonomik

Transaksione Thesari

Transaksione Thesari

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Find data published by government departments and agencies, public bodies and local authorities. You can use this data to learn more about how government works, carry out research or build applications and services.

If you represent a public institution, or if you have analytical data based on govermental data and would like to publish them please contact us


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  • Money Government & Politics Albania

    Money Government & Politics

    Money, Government and Politics project and its activities address issues of abuse, corruption, and conflict of interest in the context of governance and politics in Albania. The program aims at opening data about the wealth of high state officials, expenditures of state institutions ...


    ZA´LART 2015, is a project where the citizens are invited to denounce (report and alert) on an open source platform (website & app mobile), about problems they encounter during electoral campaigns and electoral day. Citizens are empowered with tools that allow them to participate in a real time monitoring process.


    As part of the scope to base our projects ICT Solutions, AIS implemented during the first 6 months of 2013 a platform for the Albanian scientific research. The aim of the platform was to increase the visibility of scientific researchers and their scientific works. The project delivery include a central portal that provides information on

  • Smart Tourist Albania

    This project establishes a social media outlet where citizen-fed information becomes important and stimulates the solution of problems. Goal: Create a movement in which citizens intervened directly with voluntary actions on environment, culture and tourism in the country.

  • Open Data Albania

    Open Data Albania is an initiative that embraces the Open Data principles. The project aims to collect from public offices data on socio-economic indicators, process and publish them based on emerging topics and semantic technologies. Donor: Open Society Foundation

  • Open Corporates

    This project aims at opening data about business companies operating in the country. Through the Business Companies application, anyone may easily find and use data including the name of a company, its tax number (NIPT), year of establishment and its legal status. […]